Investment Management

Adapting your assets to your needs

Investment success is based on, first and foremost a structured and preparatory process of understanding your financial assets by building your financial “identity card” and consistently implementing the plan.

We build a personal profile for each client.

Our work process offers you, the client, on the one hand, involvement and control of the investment decision-making process and the initiative to update it, and on the other hand, we are committed to introducing you to new opportunities.

Our Main Goal at Shofan Investment Management

is to Adjust Your Financial Assets to Your Financial Needs

You Can Sleep Well at Night

On the one hand, the objective is to earn the best return for each client under the personal financial profile and on the other hand, recognizing that the financial assets have a great many “participants” such as commissions, management fees, income tax etc.

Our objective is to reduce the involvement of “participants” to the minimum possible, so that you, the client, earns the highest yield.


You benefit from personal service

The client benefits from full transparency

The client always remains the account holder