ANNY Shofan Investment Management

For personal investment management

Our Management

Our Main Goal at Shofar Investment Management
is to adjust your financial assets to your Financial needs.
You Can Sleep Well at Night


Provident Funds and Study Funds and the management of Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRA”), which allow you, the client,  to manage your pension savings funds independently and successfully or have them managed personally by an investment portfolio manager all the while maintaining the tax benefits inherent in these financial instruments


Management of “Kosher” Investment Portfolios
Shofan Investment Management is a licensed portfolio manager, and holds “kosher” certification, issued by the Halacha Committee


Mutual funds are managed by Ayalon Mutual Funds Ltd


Our Service

Shofan - a different kind of management

Defining a unique financial identity card - needs, desires, risk, goals and objectives

Ongoing Monitoring

Handling a limited number of clients

Ongoing contact with leading investment factors in Israel and around the world

Identifying and locating investments, and expertise

Availability at almost all times

Your investment manager is the address for everything you need