About Shofan Investment Management

Shofan Investment Management handles investment portfolios primarily for private clients and companies.

Shofan Investment Management provides an investment management service or personal assistance to an independent investment portfolio.

And all through your own personal accounts.

Our Team

Doron Shofan

Owner and Chief Executive Officer

Doron Shofan previously worked as a senior economist at the Antitrust Authority:

Examination of monopolies, market competition, mergers and acquisitions.

Intensive familiarity with the Israeli economy.

Adviser to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor and the Minister of Finance

Macro economic consulting and consulting work with Israel’s leading companies

Senior Investment Advisor in the banking system

Holder of a portfolio management and pension management license.

דורון שופן
לירם בבאי

Liram Babai

Senior Investment Manager

Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, Major in Finance – College of Management. Master of Business Administration, Major in Entrepreneurship and Strategy – College of Management. Holder of a portfolio management license issued by the Israel Securities Authority. Has over six years of experience in the capital market.

Avia Yehezkel

Customer Service Manager


Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Major in Finance – Academic Center for Law and Business.

Extensive experience in the banking system.

Successfully passed the exams offered by the Israel Securities Authority and will shortly begin her internship.

Naama Shofan

Office Manager

Has the requisite knowledge, experience and soul to provide customer service.

Responsible for all client needs.

נעמה שופן


We offer lectures on investments and the management of Provident and Study Funds under the personal management concept (IRA).

Our lectures are delivered to organizations, public institutions and private clients, and offer significant added value to the audience!